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Joshua Mauldin here. You can call me Josh.

I teach teams how to embrace healthy conflict so they can build better products. I'm the Director of Design for Fractal in Santa Monica and am also known for spectacularly bad puns. Sorry in advance.

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Conflict Resolution

Hate conflict? My workshop can help.
In my workshops (which I'm now offering online), I share practical techniques to help you overcome your aversion to conflict and get to effective resolutions.

You’ll walk away with tools you can use immediately to clearly get your message across without you or the conversation going to pieces.

I've spoken across the world at conferences, meetups, and with teams—it would be great to do the same with you.

I'm now offering 1 hour live workshops, just check out the link below!
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Upcoming Workshops

April 10
9 AM PT (online)
$25 per person
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April 10
1 PM PT (online)
$25 per person
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