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I lead successful digital product design teams, design thoughtful human-centered products, and am writing a book on having hard conversations at work. I live in Los Angeles, and it’s nice to meet you.


Joshua Mauldin is a design leader with 5+ years of management experience and 15 years of practicing design in total. He got his start as a visual artist creating websites for bands.

Since then, he's built, high-performing, deeply collaborative design teams from scratch and designing 5-star mobile apps. He’s a leader who loves being hands-on and practicing his craft. He's great with concept-to-launch work and prefers seeing to the long-term health of what he and the team puts into the world.

Joshua works with companies in healthcare, fintech, and other consumer-facing industries. He loves new challenges, big or small. His most rewarding projects are those which help people lead better lives through improving their mental and physical health.

He is currently writing a book called “We Need to Talk: How to Have Hard Conversations with Anyone” for Rosenfeld Media. It’s due out in 2023.

He absolutely adores typography and has designed multiple typefaces, including Cosmata and Uptown Sans.

In his spare time, he tinkers with restoring old iPods and making art with skulls (not real ones, which would be weird).

Lastly, he designed this cool design shirt a few years ago.

Talk to him if you want to discuss:

  • Getting away from a stale, process-driven culture into a thoughtful, human-centered one
  • Taking a concept to validated idea in (next to) no time
  • How to be the best, most supportive leader you can to your team
  • How to get people to care about accessibility
  • Exactly how annoyed to get when a designer detaches a component in Figma

Looking for his resume? Here you go.