The short version: I write and speak on how to embrace healthy conflict to build better teams and products. I live in Los Angeles and am the Director of Design for Artium. Also, I'm known for spectacularly bad puns. Sorry in advance.


Joshua Mauldin is a Director of Design and visual artist who got his start designing websites for bands. For the last 20 years, he's designed 5-star mobile apps and websites for startups and companies both large and small.

Today he writes, speaks, and mentors newcomers to the design industry. Topics include how to get into product design, integrating mindfulness into the creative process, and how to embrace healthy conflict resolution. He is currently writing a book on that last one.

This may sound like a lot—that's intentional. Joshua's goal is to be the Dave Grohl of Design. If that metaphor doesn't connect, Dave is a musician who does everything and does it with spectacularly.

When making art, Joshua works under the name Son of None where he combines both physical and digital elements with hand-set typography. He then has a great time ruining them digitally. The art is sometimes a little darker, but Joshua is generally a pretty happy dude.

When designing digital products, he approaches whatever he's working on with as much curiosity, humanity, and courage he can muster.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Alison (who is an incredible partner), his dog Charlie (who is a very good boy), and cat Frankie (who mostly tolerates him).