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To support my typeface buying habit and to gain a deeper understanding of legibility and readability, I turned to making my own typefaces. It's a fun and very tedious labor of love. Here are two I've released thus far.


Cosmata is geometric sans serif family of 10 fonts suitable for both display and reading use. Inspired by Futura, Cosmata developed its own complex, unique life.

Cosmata (2021). Buy at MyFonts

To that end, I've included alternate letterforms for a finely-tailored typographic experience. The rhythm, kerning, and spacing have been lovingly crafted for an elegant reading experience.

I'm excited to share this release with you and hope you enjoy using it as much as I did creating it.

Uptown Sans

What if Jim Flora (a record cover designer from the 50s), Saul Bass, and Eric Carle got together for tacos and made a typeface? That’s the vibe of Uptown Sans. It’s a little weird, a little loud, and full of energy. It’s sure to help you express yourself in just the right way.

Uptown Sans (2015). Buy at FontSpring

Cool, so what’s it good for?

  • Using it in a keynote presentation
  • Giving large headlines personality
  • Helping you realize Helvetica can be boring, and that life is short, also that you should have fun
  • Plastering it on your new food truck

How about that name?

Uptown Sans gets its name from the city of Charlotte, a beautiful place that’s got some of the absolute best people. It may also funk you up, to borrow a turn of phrase from a pretty fun song.